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Patient Advocates

When you contact us for your Free Meso Guide, we can connect you with our “patient advocates”. A patient advocate is someone who can provide you support on your medical journey and help you understand and navigate the medical system. Our patients advocates are experienced mesothelioma nurses who have treated hundreds of patients with mesothelioma.

How Our Patient Advocates Can Help?

Our patient advocates can help match you with the mesothelioma doctor or treatment center that is right for you. The experience of our patients advocates in treating mesothelioma and researching the disease gives them insights into what treatment center or doctors would make the best fit for you. The first question our patient advocates often ask the patient is: What do you want? This is because our patient advocates understand that the mesothelioma patient is in charge of their own journey. A mesothelioma patient can be given advice or recommendations but the mesothelioma patient ultimately has to take that information and decide what they want to do based on their own goals for treatment and the future.

Our patient advocates can help you with tips and advice relating to mesothelioma surgeries (both pre-surgery and post-surgery) and symptoms and effects associated with chemotherapy and other mesothelioma treatments. Having treated hundreds of mesothelioma patients in one of the top mesothelioma centers in the United States, our patient advocates have encountered almost every situation that a mesothelioma patient may confront.

Our patient advocates can also provide you with emotional support. They have counseled hundreds of mesothelioma patients and will understand your situation and what you are feeling. Our patient advocates can also connect you with other mesothelioma patients that are going through the similar experiences as you are.

Our patient advocates also can provide helpful information to caregivers or family members that are providing the day-to-day care for the mesothelioma patient. As experienced mesothelioma nurses, our patient advocates understand that mesothelioma is a disease that affects the entire family and that caregivers need help and guidance too.

For more information, and to connect with our patient advocates, contact us today for your free Meso Guide.

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