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Financial Compensation Booklet

Your free Meso Guide includes a “Financial Compensation” booklet to help guide you through some of the questions that you have about financial compensation that may be available for mesothelioma patients and their families.

The Financial Compensation Booklet includes user-friendly information that will help you understand your legal rights and what claims you can make to compensate you for your mesothelioma diagnosis.

Our free booklet provides detailed information about asbestos bankruptcy trusts. You will learn about how a mesothelioma patient can qualify for financial compensation from asbestos bankruptcy trusts, and what factors the trusts consider in determining how much to compensate a mesothelioma patient that qualifies for a trust payment. You will also learn what records or documentation that must be gathered to support your compensation claims. Our Financial Compensation Booklet also contains information about more than 50 asbestos bankruptcy trusts, describing for you basic information about the companies that established each trust.

The Financial Compensation Booklet that you will receive with your free Meso Guide also includes information about filing a civil case in court. The booklet explains the information and proof needed to file a lawsuit and where the lawsuit can be filed. You will learn about specific locations in the country in which significant recoveries have been obtained in “expedited dockets” that are designed to quickly move mesothelioma cases from start to finish. The Financial Compensation Booklet also describes each step of the process of a mesothelioma lawsuit including: the pre-suit investigation, the filing of the complaint, the discovery process, witness depositions, the role of expert witnesses, settlement negotiations and trial.

In our Financial Compensation Booklet, you will also learn about Levy Konigsberg LLP, the sponsor of the Meso Guide. You will learn about the history of the firm and about some of the landmark verdicts and settlements the firm has recovered in mesothelioma cases over the last 30 years, including details about many multi-million dollar recoveries for mesothelioma patients and families. In the Financial Compensation Booklet, you will also hear directly from some of Levy Konigsberg’s mesothelioma clients about their positive experiences with the legal process and with the firm.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with mesothelioma, you need information about how to recover financial compensation. Our Financial Compensation Booklet will help you understand your legal rights.

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